Most-Requested Presentations and Workshops:

Writing with Spirit

Many people talk about writing as a lonely and solitary act. To a certain extent, they’re right. In the end, you and the computer are face to face. But you’re not alone. You have guidance. You have spirit. You have an inner voice that you’re listening to, whether you know it or not. When you start to consciously draw on that voice and engage in a conversation with it, your writing changes forever. And so do you.

Available as a breakout session or a weekend or week-long retreat.

  • Clarify the heart of your message
  • Make your writing practice part of your spiritual journey
  • Shape your journaling, memories or imaginings into a story
  • Find meaning in everyday moments
  • Establish a spiritual thread in your writing
  • Identify and work with your muse
  • Establish a regular writing practice
  • Discover your unique voice so you can write with authenticity and greater meaning

Writing a Book that Matters

Arnold Patent said, “If you genuinely have something to say, there’s someone who genuinely needs to hear it.” That urge to share your story with a wider audience—to pass along the wisdom you’ve been given so it can support others on their journey—is one of the most meaningful and important reasons to write.

If you feel you have a book that matters within you…if it’s been speaking to you and demanding to be written…if you’re ready to have your voice be heard…this is the experience for you.

Available as a 60-minute keynote, a breakout session, or a weekend or week-long retreat.

  • How can you determine the heart of your book’s message?
  • What sets your book apart from others on the same topic?
  • Who will you write your book for?
  • What stories will be most pivotal in your book?
  • Why does this book matter to the world? To you?

The Four Elements of Well-Crafted Scenes, and Why They’ll Change Your Writing for Good

No matter what kind of writing you’re doing, it all comes down to story—and the building blocks of story are scenes. Every scene includes four major elements: Characters, setting, action and dialogue. When you can master that Fab Four, your writing will take on a whole new texture and momentum, whether you’re crafting a novel, a memoir, a business book or a collection of family memories.

Available as a breakout session, a full-day event or a weekend retreat.

  • How do you introduce characters into a scene?
  • How much description do you need to establish the setting?
  • How do you choose plot points that count?
  • How do you write dialogue that advances the action and character development?
  • How much description is too much?
  • Why are specific details absolutely essential?
  • How can you become a better observer of details?

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A Message from Deb

I remember what it was like when I was working on my first book, Grace from the Garden: Changing the World One Garden at a Time. I wanted so desperately to have a book published. Even though I’d worked as a writer for my entire career, I longed to write from my own experience rather than reporting on others’ lives. I wanted to share a point of view, telling stories that I knew would be meaningful.

That ratcheted up many notches when I wrote The Only Little Prayer You Need and Let Your Spirit Guides Speak, which I was compelled to write from a creative power greater than my own.

And now, while I continue to write my own books, I’m also delighted to coach and mentor writers as they develop their own manuscripts and proposals for books that matter. I do this through the Global Impact Authors Academy, which I developed to bring writers together in a network of mutual support and education.

I’m proud that this has resulted in books like…

  • All I Could Be, a powerful memoir from Miyoko Hikiji about her service in Iraq.
  • On Thundering Wings, a first-person story by Ermalou Roller about the acceptance of gay rights within the Methodist church.
  • And I’m thrilled to announce that another client, Dr. John Opincar, has written a must-read series on Ethical Intelligence in the workplace—and in life.

From helping writers determine the very seed of their idea to delivering a professionally edited and designed book, the Global Impact Authors Academy is here to help writers thrive and flourish.

Deb Engle



As I re-read some of what we did yesterday [in our one-on-one session], I am so aware of how much, with each re-write we work on, you are helping me to write better. I hope when I am done here that I will have something else to write about so I can keep learning. You are so good at what you do. But beyond the technique, you get it…that’s what affirms me and my writing. One is technique and one is heart and soul.

—Rebecca Strom

I can’t tell you enough how great your workshops are. Besides discussing the mechanics of creativity, each session feels like a retreat to me.

— Zita Quade

I’m celebrating while working on a workshop facilitation that came about as a result of the book! Thank you so much for all your hard work in making the book a reality, Deb! Your great insight regarding the “shaping” of the book really helped make it something I am proud to put my name on!

—Jean Baker, author of Letting Go: The (Sometimes Messy) Art of Relinquishment

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent feedback, especially regarding the technical details we discussed. Your feedback is always spot on!”

—Dr. John Opincar, author of Ethical Intelligence